After several years of discussion and negotiations with the City of Denton Solid Waste Department “Eco-Works”, the City of Denton City Council approved a measure awarding their long time closed down biodiesel plant to American Bio Source to rebuild and put back into service. We are excited to be part of the future of our great City! We have a mountain of work before us and hope to have the plant in full production in roughly 3.5 years after all the regulatory paperwork is filed and the upgrades and repairs are finished. To start with, we will setup a used fryer oil processing center. Being a used fryer oil and grease recycler already with experience producing biodiesel give us a huge advantage over others who have tried and failed to make biodiesel. We control our “feedstock” our crude basically for making the biodiesel from hundreds of local restaurants we serve. Together with our loyal restaurant supports we will reduce green house gases and help to improve our local air quality! We hope to make this plant into a point of pride for the City and a standard for other Cities to aspire too.