Our professional team of experts provide reliable and secure collection of used fryer oil

Custom designed equipment by American Bio Source to perform used fryer oil recycling.

We are a preferred full-service waste cooking grease recycling company with operations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and growing. Offering a wide range of services and we enable our clients to operate worry free and increase their bottom line.

Our professional team of experts provide reliable and secure collection of waste grease products from your facility to be reused in environmentally friendly ways such as in the production of Bio Diesel. Today countless numbers of school, municipality and industrial vehicles reduce the impact to our environment and lower their operating expense by using Bio Diesel. Our clients can receive a traditional secure locked container of the appropriate size for your business needs at no cost.

You get our service for FREE and a container for FREE

Talk to one of our friendly service professionals today to learn how we can help you to be environmentally friendly and help you remove that used fryer grease. Call today 512-247-3835 or 817-993-9246

National Coverage with a Local Focus

We service the places you need us to service. If your local to Texas or have grown to need service in Oklahoma or other states. We have you covered. This map shows our current service coverage areas. We directly support the areas in green and have partner service providers that can support you in the states in blue.



Advanced Technology to better serve you


WIth our state of the art software and mobile fleet management systems, we have real time access to the most important information. Our drivers take photos of every collection and accurately measure each inch of oil collected. This detailed documentation help us serve you better and identity issues early.





















We optimize our fleet so we are always driving the most fuel efficient path we can to service you and minimize our carbon footprint.






Plus, all of these systems are interfaced with Biodiesel Control Center Software that enables us accurate estimation of your container volume or if you have one of our level measurement IoT sensors we will have accurate real time level of your container. We manage every interaction, phone call, text or email in our system so if you request anything of us, the team can follow up to make sure we take great care of your needs.













Lastly, if you’re interested in making Bio Diesel we offer small and large scale professional consulting services for the Bio Fuel industry. We have been making Bio Fuel for over 12 years and gladly help others to be more proficient in this great industry.