Features and design

Push button operation equals safety first: With a simple push of a button, you can be moving used oil from the fryer into the storage tank. Easy to operate and safer than moving oil by hand. Burns and back injuries are common around fryers. Eliminate the need to lift heavy and hot used fryer oil drastically reduces the chance of injury.

Real-estate is expensive, our system has a small footprint: Our system is relatively small compared to other storage tanks. With an average radius of only 28 inches, we can fit in just about any corner of the kitchen or storage closet.

Stainless steel outer layer: The outer body of our steel tank is wrapped in heavy stainless steel to allow for easy cleaning and adds an extra layer of protection for the inner tank. It also serves as a insulative barrier to prevent possible burns if staff touch the tank when hot oil is inside. Safety is the key to our design.

Food grade hoses and fittings where needed: Whenever our product touches your oil while in the fryer, we use food grade parts that meet all standards.

Reliable proven solution: Our solution has been in service since 2011 and never have we had to replace a failed unit. Our hardware and software are designed for reliable, continuous use in the harsh environment of a kitchen.

Realtime accurate measurement of oil level: Our tanks measure the oil level every second 24/7/365 with an industrial ultrasonic level sensor. Management can closely monitor oil usage and track trends. You can extrapolate your oil absorption rate, disposal and estimate your future needs with precision. Plus, your tank will never be full because we both will know exactly how much oil is in your tank.

Computer controlled and monitored with over fill prevention system: Using the level data and tank temp the system will notify you and us of the tank level. If the tank gets too full, it will lock down the tank to prevent over filling and spills. Every few minutes the tank will update the portal with information so you can check in on your locations from anyplace in the world.

Helping the environment: When you use our service, you’re helping the environment by displacing fossil fuels with renewable green biodiesel. We can enable a report for you that will show how many tons of carbon and other emissions you have helped reduce in your community.

Lifetime warranty with service agreement: Never worry about this hardware again. So long as your location has a service agreement with us or one of our service providers your equipment is warrantied for life. If anything breaks, we will send a technician to fix it.