We have developed a highly versatile waste grease storage solution that can be configured to meet the needs of any kitchen or multiple kitchens or facilities simultaneously.

Our indoor tanks come in various configurations to meet your kitchens need.

System overview

Our indoor/outdoor computer monitored and controlled used vegetable oil bulk storage solution provides an odor and spill free option for used fryer grease storage. It also prevents against theft, reduces grease related injuries, and takes up a very compressed footprint for storage.


  • Easy to use and maintain reducing labor
  • Reduced injuries from lifting heavy oil or burns while disposing of used oil
  • No more oil spills when disposing of used fryer oil
  • Cleaner storage of used fryer oil with little to no odor
  • Small property footprint reduces real-estate impact and expense
  • Precision measurement and tracking of the stored oil improves management oversight
  • Reduce greenhouse emissions and help the community
  • Never need to call for service because we know how full the tank is.

Four flexible configurations
With four configurations, we have a solution to meet every kitchen need. If you have a single location or multiple our system brings you the key information you need into one place. If you are in a multi-tenant location, we can manage any number of locations into a single storage location while keeping track of how much oil each location uses individually.

  • Directly connected
  • Remote with wand
  • Caddy connected
  • Multi-tenant

No matter what type of fryer you use, we have a solution that meets your need.