Newly-obtained equipment will modernize and streamline the Denton plant’s biodiesel production

while reducing waste and environmental impact.


DENTON, TEXAS, April 16, 2018 – American Bio Source, a Denton-based company and DFW’s last functioning biodiesel manufacturer, has made a significant investment into the future of biodiesel production in north Texas. The purchase of equipment, valued at $1.2 million, will increase operational efficiency and product quality, adding, once again, to the substantial improvements made to the facility since American Bio Source took over the then-defunct biodiesel plant in 2014.


American Bio Source executives brokered the purchase of equipment and technology upon Texas Biotech’s closure, and CEO Walter Dobson says that the acquisition will transform operations at the plant and revitalize local industry, stating that “While our company will have to upgrade the electrical capabilities in our plant to meet the requirements of these new assets, these pieces will help preserve many resources, make better quality biodiesel, and will allow for much more environmentally-friendly and efficient production.”


Among the multiple pieces of equipment are a Piedmont brand continuous flow biodiesel reactor, which will simplify American Bio Source’s manufacturing process. The largest benefit of the equipment purchase can be found, however, in the acquisition of a set of methanol and glycerin recovery units. Methanol is an expensive, key chemical component to the making of biodiesel, and glycerin is a valuable by-product. The ability to capture and refine these compounds decreases the cost of production by allowing methanol preservation and reuse, and increases revenue through the sale of glycerin, which has many uses in the consumer goods and cosmetics industries.


“With the installation of our new equipment, the plant will be able to begin full operation and the active production of biodiesel. The plant should be producing biodiesel again within three to four months,” Dobson says.


American Bio Source is a full-service used cooking grease recycling and biodiesel production company headquartered in Denton Texas with operations throughout Texas and Oklahoma.